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Heacham Junior School

The School Governors require that all children attend school in uniform.  It has been found that the wearing of our smart uniform adds to the corporate spirit within the school and helps the children identify with the establishment.

Uniform List

Grey trousers for boys (not black)

Grey skirt, pinafore dress or trousers for girls (not black)

In the summer months children may wear tailored grey shorts and girls may wear checked blue and white summer dresses.

Pale blue polo-shirt with school logo*                

Maroon Sweatshirt with school logo*

Maroon Cardigan with school logo*                                            

Outdoor jackets and fleeces are also available**

Indoor shoes ~ plimsolls or similar clearly named

 A sun hat is strongly recommended for use outdoors**

All children need an overall to use in Art & Craft lessons.

Clothing for Sport

Pale blue T shirt with school logo**

A drawstring bag**              

Trainers for outdoor games / Plimsolls for use in the gym

Navy or black shorts

Track suit (optional)

All children go swimming at a local holiday park swimming pool during the year.  For this activity they need a one piece swimsuit, hat and bath towel.

*  These items are available to order online from Tesco


** These items are available from the school office.

All other items of school uniform are readily available from a variety of local stores.

Each child has the use of a school locker in which to store their belongings. Please note that large sports bags may not be brought into school as the cloakroom and locker space is inadequate for the storage of such large items.

We do not allow the wearing of jewellery (for reasons of health & safety), with the exception of plain studs in pierced ears or watches.  Children must remove all jewellery before physical exercise. Ear-rings can be taped for P.E. (please provide micro-pore tape for this purpose) Please avoid having ears pierced before swimming sessions as children will not be permitted to swim if they are unable to remove earrings. Children are responsible for all their own possessions.  Governors do not accept responsibility for losses.

The items available from Tesco are:

Polo shirts
Book bags

The items available from school are:

PE tops
PE bags